Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Deborah Anointing

Since May 26th I KNEW that the Lord had plans for me. I KNEW that there was a calling on my life and I KNEW that I received an anointing while at The Florida Outpouring in Lakeland, FL. There was no question in my mind about that. My only question was what was the anointing for? What did God want me to do with my life? I began to feel a STRONG tug to pray for people. All the time, in every situation, day, night, it didn't matter. When controversy arose, I heard God tell me to go to the Word and take councel from Him, not the world. All of this just drew me closer and closer to God and into a realm that I never wanted to leave!
There's something that many of todays Christians either do not realize or do not accept, and that's the spiritual side of life. Spiritual warfare is VERY real and it's happening everyday, all day and everywhere! This is something that I began to learn about about a year ago or so, but never really got serious about. I guess I figured it wasn't for me. Then the other night at this church that I recently began to go to with my mom, I had a prophetic word spoken over me which concerned me and the Deborah Anointing.
The what? Well, if this was your reaction, you're not alone! I had no idea what they were talking about, but I was excited to find out! I knew that Deborah had been the only woman judge , I knew she was a prophetess, and that was about it. So, I hit the 'net. In doing so I also found where I would find her story in the Bible ( Judges 4 and 5 )
The things that I have found out are amazing! But before I tell you some of the things that I have learned, let me tell you a bit about my past, give you some knowledge of where I've been so that where I'm going may make more sense to you.
I went to a Baptist private school from Kindergarden until 7th grade. I went to the same church until I was probably 15 or 16 I think. I hated this church, however, I had to go to it until then. At that point we changed churches and I was dating a guy who went to a different church and I went to his quite often. Anyhow, the Holy Spirit was at work in me. I loved the Lord and even started a Bible study group after school, but the enemy was quick to sneek in and I wasn't equipped or ready for him. I was 17 when I left the church, vowing to never go back, and I stepped into the world of the occult for the next 10+ years.
Now as I learn about this anointing, I can see where the Lord has either readied me for it by sending certain things my way, or I can see where perhaps I had already walked in it long ago or even where God has used circumstances to bring this anointing about. I can also see where certain things about the anointing simply fit into my personality.
Deborah, as we have said, was a prophetess ( Judges 4:4 ) and she was a judge with an anointing of wisdom, councel and discernment. [ I've often been the one people have come to in order to settle disputes and when I was in the occult I was referred to as the crone because of wisdom.]
The Bible tells us that Deborah sat between Ramah- which means "high place", the place where idolatry was practised - and Bethel - which means " house of God." . Deborah sat between these two which is a symbol of standing the "gap", or of high-level warfare and intercession. [ Something I had already begun to practice, though not devotely ]
Deborah was called " mother in Israel " which denotes an apostolic anointing which recognizes, nurtures and releases the anointings and giftings in others. I will go further into the apostolic anointing in another entry and I have devoted time to researching this one as well.
The name Deborah means " bee, in the sense of it's orderly motion". Since names in Biblical times often represented the person, this would denote that she had her life in order and walked in maturity with Christ. Jesus came 1st in her life. The presence of Jesus was with her wherever she went and people were blessed by her because of Him [ Something I pray for on a daily basis ].
She was a strong leader who possessed authority that she could only get from God. She walked in the confidence of Christ. She knew the Lord's voice and was quick to obey it. [ This is something else that I have been praying for! ]
The part that stands out the most for me is the spiritual warfare. I was ( and still am ) so repentant about the many years that I spent on the wrong side of the track , so to speak, and now He is using that time to His benefit! Now I get to war against all that I used to war for! Of course, I didn't realize back then that I was waring against God. I honestly thought that I was okay. I'm sure glad that He showed me otherwise!!
So even though satan just knew that he had won when it came to me and he probably figured that I would always be held back because of it, God just laughs, and uses me anyhow. Isn't God SO Good and SO amazing?!?!?!
Check back often as I actually have a lot that I have been learning about and would love to share with you as I go. I can already think of at least 2 more posts coming - and that's just from today's research!!!


bluesdiva77 said...

thanks so much for the Deborah recap...someone has prophesied this annointing over me and i reacted the same way. i knew a little about her, but wasn't sure what i meant exactly. i am doing some research now and your commentary lines up with my calling and talents. be blessed!

carol said...

I enjoyed the commetary on the Deb Anointing. You should check out this new site called DebCo.

sweetT said...

Did that go thru?

sweetT said...

unfortunately, I typed a very long comment,but by the time I jumped through all the hoops to sign in and post the comment, the whole comment was gone. Thanks for sharing your experience.

sweetT said...

Dear one,
Just last night, I was prayed over with a Deborah annointing. A whaa? I vaguely remember her as an outstanding leader in th OT. Like you, I hit the .net; how exciting to learn about this very special anointing. My reaction and interest has been exactly like yours. Just a litlle FYI - I am a lawyer by trade, have strong gifts of teaching and public speaking, & I have experienced very strong discernment inthe past when walking at my closest with God. Finally, As of last night, I have had this overwhelming of peace and a growing inner strength that I certainly did not have before. That's all I know. Thank you for not keeping your Deborah anointing experience/knowledge to yourself. Thank you for openly and honestly sharing. I enjoyed reading you 'real person' experience. I look forward to more. Thanks again. Have great week.

April said...

I really appreciate the comments. I need to actually look at her again. It seems I have let that anointing fall to the side in some ways. I will try to post more info on it very soon!!

aligwhit said...

I just googled "Deborah anointing" and your blog came cool how God works. Thanks for posting this. I just prophesied it over someone else. I love how the Holy Spirit works! And may you THRIVE in your anointing. I know I don't know you, but I can feel it in the spirit that it's dead on!

Sushi10 said...

I actually also just googled Deborah Anointing, after the Holy Spirit told me to look it up yesterday. Your blog was one of the first ones I've found, after reading some other stuff first. After reading much about the anointing (I had never heard of it before, TILL the Holy Spirit said "Look up Deborah Anointing" haha!) I realized all of the traits someone with the Deborah Anointing has, have been prophesied over me! The leadership mantle, a strong prophetic gift, and the songs, and everything in between, I have them all! I was so floored by it, and your blog has been most helpful! And earlier today I actually heard the Holy Spirit speak to me that someone else I knew has this. I'm convinced I do, too! Thanks so much, and God bless!

Faith :) said...

I Praise you Lord for this and for your obedience to our ABBA FATHER nd your transparency.. Many are and will be blessed through your testimony, sharing and wisdom.. GOD IS SOO GOOD :) Holy Spirit also led me here, as I was also prophecied over and i was searching the spirit of Deborah till i found this.. I definitely see the anointing in my life as well - I give All Glory to God.. I have a very strong desire for intercession - a burden to pray over families and friends, an urge to wage war against the enemy, told that i have the gift of discernment, encouraging and yes definitely being praying to be obedient to his calling always and to always be led by him..
Thank you so much and God bless you always a double portion in every area of your life..